Sponsorships, Donations, and Mentorships

Sponsorships can be personal or financial and we appreciate any and all support.

Corporate Sponsorships:

     Consider supporting Plant High School and our robotics team, KNO3, in the FIRST ™ Tech Challenge. Sponsorships are appreciated at any amount/any level, sponsorship levels include:

  • Panther:    $1,500 & Above All of below and name the robot, “'Your Company' Presents…”.

  • Cougar: ​    $1,000 All of below and name/logo displayed on the robot.

  • Puma:        $500 All of below and name/logo displayed website front page.

  • Black Cat: $200 Name/logo on both Team banner/flag & Team Sponsor web page.

  • Cub:           $100 Name/logo on our Team sponsor web page.

  • Other:        Donations of any amount are appreciated


     Make Checks Payable To:
              “South Tampa Robotics Foundation, Inc.”
     Mail To:
               South Tampa Robotics Foundation, Inc.
               3207 W Harbor View Avenue
               Tampa, FL 33611

     Be sure to provide us your contact information so we may contact you to obtain logo and/or send a tax receipt.


     Community support and corporate sponsorship donations are paramount to our ability to provide the necessary resources to maintain a team and compete. Robotics parts, motors, supplies and various building materials in addition to FIRST competition related fees and expenses are required each year. Contributions and donations of all sizes are very welcome and deeply appreciated and all are tax deductible.

To make a personal donation now, click here:

Mentoring Support:

     Corporate or personal mentoring in the areas of math, science or technology, including tours of your manufacturing or engineering firms. They are a great way to further educate our team members. If you can spend some time with KNO3 during the season or if we can come to you, we would truly appreciate your time. Once you see FIRST and Team KNO3 in action, we are sure you will get hooked on robotics!

     Contact us at kno3robotics@verizon.net for more information or schedule some time together.

All donations and sponsorships are GREATLY and GRACIOUSLY appreciated!

Our Sponsors:
Black Cat

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